What does it mean when he jokes about marriage?

I've only been with my boyfriend for about a month, and he doesn't even like to use the term "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" although he does say we're exclusive, committed to each other, etc. Lately he's been making a lot of jokes about marriage, which confuses me. Obviously he's not really thinking about it, so why does he joke about it? Do you think he does it to make fun of me, because I was the one who wanted to be "official"? I don't mind the jokes, they're kind of cute (He'll just say something like, "When we get married.etc." but with a joking smile). What's he doing?


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  • A joke is a safe way to bring up a topic that may be innappropriate and/or uncomfortable to talk about. Your reaction allows the conversation to continue or not. If you have a negative reaction, then he can just say it was a joke and drop it. No feelings hurt.

    It may also be used in this manner as a gauge to determine your level of thought about the relationship. For example, if you get all excited about the fact he brought he up then it could tell him that you're serious about the relationship.

    A word of caution; a positive reaction can also tell him that he has you hooked emotionally, which is what guys look for when wanting to take it to the next level if you guys haven't had sex yet.

    • We've definitely had sex....haha. don't worry though. great answer!

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