Shy guys: Is he just warming up to me as a friend or is he interested but shy?

There's this guy on my street who's a couple of years older than me (17 / 20) and his family became friends with mine mid-2015. The problem is he's quite shy and I'm not sure if he likes me and is just shy or he's just like that / means nothing by it and is just coming out of his shell. How can you tell if a shy guy likes you?

The night I first met him we got talking in the kitchen just the two of us and he was so shy and awkward, he seemed quite flustered. He laughed a lot at what I was saying and smiled a lot and blushed... It seemed like he wanted to maintain eye contact but kept breaking it, looking up and then down so much it must have nearly made him dizzy.

The next time he still appeared quite flustered and nervous (bouncing his knee etc) but was so talkative he was like a new person asking me heaps of questions.
Later on, I ran into him with both a girl and guy friend and he seemed so chilled and relaxed with them and it made me wonder why he was so different around me... While his friends were off doing something we got talking and joking (his jokes were still a bit awkward) and at the end he mentioned that him and his friends were going camping the next day and I should come with them and asked for my facebook to give me the information. I couldn't go in the end but he seemed quite keen for me to go on another one sometime with him.

So went over to his place on Christmas but with so many people there we didn't really have the chance to talk but it seemed wherever I went he hovering around me from a small distance.

Finally, him and his friend were in the same area as me for New Years so I got his number and we met up but when I went to give him a hug he gave me this awkward weak one. Throughout the night though he was laughing at my stories and every time I tripped in my sandals (which was a lot) he asked if I was ok. He seemed more relaxed with his friend there but far less talkative, but every so often we were walking next to each other and he would lean right in to whisper something to me. There was one point his friend was walking a bit behind us and he went back to being really talkative.

It's quite possible he just thinks of us as friends and that's fine (I don't mind either way), I just feel like I'm getting some mixed signals. Online he seems so much more confident both with me and with his other friends, but with me, in person, I don't know what to think...
Shy guys: Is he just warming up to me as a friend or is he interested but shy?
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