Does this shy guy like me or is he just being nice? Help?

Hi friends,

I really need some advice about this guy I know. I've had feelings for him for a very long time and I actually expressed those only to be turned down. But sometimes his behavior in light of that is very strange and I'm having a really hard time discerning whether it's friendly or my mind playing tricks on me.

He's a very shy, very reserved person especially with girls, but here are some examples of what I mean:

He glances at me a lot, sometimes smiles, sometimes prolonged eye contact when we're not actually having a conversation.
He compliments me sometimes and he's not exactly verbally effusive. He said (possibly jokingly, I'm not sure) that I could lead our entire band which will never not be one of the top compliments I've ever received.
He asked me about something personal that I mentioned to a mutual friend a while ago but not directly to him.
One time he was concerned his blue jacket didn't look okay and I told him it was fine. It seemed like he wore a lot of blue after that. (Correlation is not causation, LOL)
He is very gentlemanly, but sometimes it seems beyond the norm.
When my grandmother died, he made a big effort to give a card to me and afterward gave me this look of such deep concern that I had to look away.
He was very sweet when I messed up my hand and couldn't play keyboard.

There might be more, but that's most of what I can think of right now. Any thoughts? Friendly? More than friendly? A mix of both? Katy, you're on crack, that is all friend behavior? Or conversely, Katy, you need to hit your head with your keyboard because he likes you, duh?(haha).

Thanks so much. Thoughts from girls or guys is awesome, but from fellow shy guys is even better! :)

Does this shy guy like me or is he just being nice? Help?
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