Does this shy guy like me?

Since the beginning of the school year, this really cute, really shy guy has been catching my attention. I have two classes with him and I've had a few conversations with him, he seems really sweet and our hobbies and interests are identical, however he acts kind of strange around me...

I'll often catch him looking at me, in class he'll often side glance at me, or stare at me while I'm not looking. If I catch him or look back and smile he'll look away quickly and start fiddling with his hair. I'll also see him doing this outside of class, he walks by one of my classes and always makes eye contact with me, Usually he speeds by and acts the same as above when our eyes meet, but lately he's been walking slower and holding eye contact while smiling. He'll also often stare at me whilst talking with his friends at lunch or in the halls.

Whenever I try to initiate a conversation with him, he acts really nervous. For example, a few days ago I asked him a simple question about our school's orchestra. Despite being principal chair cellist and in a prestigious out-of-school orchestra, he looked puzzled responded with "What's orchestra?" I was really unsure how to answer that, but luckily he suddenly remembered what it was and answered my question, though he stumbled over his words and seemed to mumble . I often ask him about homework and once I thank him he blushes and really quietly says 'you're welcome' as he looks down. Other girls say he's rude to them, but he's never been anything but sweet to me.

My best friend is friends with him and says even though he's shy, he doesn't act quite this reserved this around most people. I've seen him interact with others just fine, so why is he so shy around me? My best friend thinks that he likes me and that I should try and get to know him better, what do you think?

Does this shy guy like me?
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