Why does this shy guy keep retreating back to his shell? I can't fathom him?

Im 23 and he's 20 and shy/passive/introverted. We have like each other for about two years now. He lives around the corner. The first time we met he physically ran away from me so i suppose things have progressed massively since haha. We spoke online for the first year, just small talk, (alot of effort) even though i see him regularly in town or in the shop etc. I just smile. I knew when i was getting into this it was going to take some patience and over the last 24 months i have worked really hard to gain his trust and build his confidence and its working (slowly) but i am really struggling to relate to any of his actions right now. We'd be speaking online for a few ours.. conversation flowing nicely with the laughter and then he'd be cold and distant for the next few days. One day last month he asked me out of the blue he asked me to go round to his for a smoke. Shocked and delighted that he plucked up the courage i couldnt say no. Id put so much energy in for this moment. So i went round and we have a really nice night. Snuggling, kissing, cuddling (no sex) It was shocking. This was the longest we'd ever spent together in the flesh! Who was this confident man and where had this shy guy gone! He was everything i hoped he'd be. Funny. Very intelligent. Gorgeous. Then... nothing. No text no message nothing. Now when i talk to him he politely makes excuses like he's going to bed or he's busy. haven't spoke to him for two months now. This is awful, I've asked him directly whats up, if he's pissed off with me. He said 'i dont know' wtf! Its took me so much time to get him halfway out his shell and now he's crawled all the way back in. I know he likes me and he knows i like him. Weve been intimate, how is he still uncomfortable? How can he still not trust me? Should i try to move on? I told him when we first spoke online 'Dont worry I have a lot of patience' To which he replied 'Wont be enough for me :( ' That has planted itself in my head ever since :-/ could a fellow shy guy help me out here please?
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your advice. I messaged him today for the first time in a month... I got a one word dead end answer. Im going to have to let him go. Its not fair on me, torturing myself when he clearly isn't interested in me. I dont blame him
Why does this shy guy keep retreating back to his shell? I can't fathom him?
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