Kiss on a cheek from a girl. If you're a shy guy what would you think.

So this guy I have a thing with is REALLY shy. He could barely hold my hands in the movies. He's actually really confusing too;;. he's a really really nice/ shy guy, who only had a girlfriend once or so ;; he's a freshmen in college. He would hold my hand in the movies, and put his arms around me, but he hasn't asked me out :;(its been 2 months since I've known him). he's a real gentlemen, and a real shy guy. I, on the other hand, am out going, and really sociable. he saw me wen I visited his school, and initiated convo on Facebook. the thing that really confuses me is that he was somewhat bold on our first date, holding my hands, putting his arms around me etc. but on our second date, he was really really shy, and during the whole movie he was being so hesitant about holding my hand etc. I really like him, and I sort of think he feels the same but am not sure. next time I'm just thinking of kissing him on the cheek when he says or does something sweet. would this be too sudden? how would he take it as? ;; a


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  • Well I'm shy, really shy if I start to get feelings for a girl. She'll have to really give me obvious hints she is growing feelings for me for me to even think of letting her know because I don't want to lose friendship or make her feel uncomfortable. I would like it if she contacted me and would always reply to her, but it really wouldn't get me to open up on how I felt. I'd have a hard time initiating conversation's out of the blue through text or just indirectly as I wouldn't want to seem needy so I wouldn't do it often unless we haven't talked in a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about them! Actually what a girl did to get me to open up when we were talking, her voice got higher pitched and asked if I liked her, like more then a friend... she was a bold girl but even she seemed nervous, I could tell by her voice. I then told her how I felt and to know the feeling was mutual was a great feeling! It got complicated and ended up not working out however, rather not get into that but just know I don't have regrets from it! I haven't felt that way about a girl since her, but I think I'd be more open if I did because most girls aren't that bold. I'd still have to be sure she felt the same way though, so I'd take it slow. Just keep sending signals but don't expect him to pick up on all of them.

    • I swear I just answered the wrong question... I just read the question and it seems completely different! Pshh I failed, anyway a kiss on the cheek if he does something sweet isn't too forward, he'd love it!

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  • The guy you described is EXACTLY like me . A peck on his cheek will probably make him feel like a person who just witnessed an angel descending from heaven to show him her love. It will make him fall for you, and he'll probably become more open to you. Either way its a win win for both him and you. I hope you both make a great couple.

    Trust me, he'll ABSOLUTELY love it. (and might not show it immediately and conspicuously due to his shy nature)

    • whoa its nice to know that there's someone else in this world like him (i've never met someone like him;;; most of the guys are really bold around me). :) why'd you think he was being more shy/hesitant on our second date? :/

    • 1.) I hope I convinced you about the fact that guys like him(and me) instantly teleport to the 9th cloud in heaven when a pretty girl lands a kiss on them. His heartbeat will multiply exponentially.

      2.) Why was he being more shy on the second date?

      It's CONCLUSIVE proof that he likes you. The exact same thing happened with me once. After my first date I realized that I was mad about her and consequently got even more self conscious and shy on the second so that I could be more perfect like her!

  • I'd think she likes me but not enough to be in a relationship with.

  • Yea that's cute.


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