Shy guys tell me how you work?

I know there is a great article on this, but I'm looking for something more situation-specific. Get ready for a story!

I like this shy guy who usually sits next to me in a class. He barely makes eye contact with me, not sure if he does that to all girls, but he only looks me in the eye occasionally when I speak to him. He comes off as the quiet, cool type, so I don't know if he likes me because there are no verbal signs.

When I talk to him in class, sometimes he just looks down to his notes and doodles with concentration. I try to actively engage him in conversation during those times, but he continues to doodle. I sometimes catch him looking at me in class when I'm not paying any attention to him. Some people may take this as being nervous, but then again it could just be him being shy.

ON the other hand, I've asked him to hangout once or twice and the first time, he had studying to do and the second, he wanted to catch up on sleep because he pulled an all-nighter. Would a shy guy say no to a girl he likes when she asks to hangout? I hear that sometimes they're scared to blow chances or just scared to death in general. and on top of that, I fear rejection although I know if this were to get anywhere, I'd have to make the first move. But I'd like to know whether or not I'm setting myself up for rejection by reading some signs first. :( Halp!
Shy guys tell me how you work?
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