Does this shy guy like me? why do I like him so much? please help

OK, I normally end up liking (without meaning to) confident and some times even cocky guys, needless to say it hasn't ended well. recently I was chatting with Jordan (a good mate) about some silly stuff and he randomly said I should go out with his mate tom, who I had also known for ages.

he said tom has never had a girlfriend which really shocked me because he is really nice, funny and good looking yet he apparently is really unsure with girls. anyway he said if I tried with tom he would put a good word in for me and I might have a chance. this might seem odd but Jordan is really close to tom and Jordan gets on really well with me too, I'm guessing he thought we would be good and wants to see tom happy.

i had liked tom in the past but hadn't given it any serious thought for years. but after Jordan had said this I found myself thinking about it loads! I don't even know why but I started hanging around where he hung out, chatting to him. I wonder whether he knows what I'm up to because of Jordan (although I don't know if Jordan would say anything in case he scared tom off).

anyway after a little bit of chatting and I guess you could call flirting (or as much flirting as I could push on tom) I realized on Friday tom was actually beginning to be OK with touching me a bit, like leaning back slightly on my lap stuff like that, which seems like nothing but tom really doesn't do that stuff apparently.

then I come home after being out and was in such a weirdly bad mood, when I realize I have an email from tom. it said-


You may find this kinda random but just wanted to ask what your number was? If so mines 07*********! See ya soon babes...

Love you xxx.."

i couldn't believe it, I sent back a reply giving him my number and asking him if he was going to this gig thing in town... but got no message back. and he has been on fb. I even text him after a day or so and nothing? he isn't a player, and cause of that I had so many questions pop into my head. is he being told to play hard to get? does he regret asking for my number? does he like me at all or has is it just him trying to be confident? was it even him that gave me his number? was he hacked? if he was then there must have been a reason they sent that to me etc

my friends think I'm worrying too much, and I haven't been like this in ages. recently I have been too cool and collected when it came to guys cause they didn't mean anything. but I don't know what to do! please tell me what you think?
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update- I dreamt of tom last night. just an image of him. I was waking up, eyes still shut and I think still half dreaming my first thought was OK I'll text tom today. I rolled over to get some more sleep and my phone goes off. I looked at it and there was a text from tom! I was shocked, it said- I just had an amazing sex dream about u..! ;) xxxxx he told me briefly wot the dream was and after 4 texts I said "so anyway y do you think you had a sex dream abut me tom ;) xx and no reply..?
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after a bit I text "oi text back ;)" but nothing!my friend he said might be scared but I explained that I didn't want to treat him differently to how I would treat other guys,as malekoniky said he would like me more if I acted as I normally would. after that I sent him another text asking him if he was going to a party tomorrow, no reply. what I said wasn't out of the blue, it built up with what he was saying. what I don't understand is y he keeps making really big steps and then not talking to me!
Does this shy guy like me? why do I like him so much? please help
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