Married friend sends dick pics?

i met a guy last year and he ended up working for the same company as me. over time we became super close but having grown up with only guy friends almost my entire life this is nothing out of the ordinary for me. he is married with a young boy. i am friends with the wife and have often gone to their house for dinner. recently however he started talking dirtty to me on watsapp and sending dick pics as well as videos of him jacking off. i dont respond unless its to say well seems like your happy there or something sly to just kinda move on from it. iv already told him i dont like it, that i dont think its appropriate or respectful to his wife. my ex cheated on me a lot and i therefore know how shit it feels. for me this is almost cheating. but he doesn't seem to see it that way. i also feel its disrespectful towards me and i feel iv been disrespectful to the wife but iv not done anything wrong. how do i get him to stop? im not attracted to him and even if i were married men are a serious no go area for me. too many fish in sea to be a marrige wrecker! he also keeps telling me how he dreams about me and when i hug him hello he rubs his hand along the top of my ass from lower back.. i love his company and dont want to lose friendship but i feel almost dirty and as if im contributing to his cheating antics by having to keep a straight face when i see the wife. iv been told by everyone i know that i am a very attractive person, sounds vain but it is what it is, and iv always gotten along better with guys, but in all my years iv never experienced a situation like this. help!
Married friend sends dick pics?
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