My Guy Friend Keeps Touching Me Inappropriately. He Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable. How to Tell Him to Stop?

Okay so I'm a 15 yr old girl.& my guy friend is also 15. We ride the same bus together home. He has a girlfriend & only touches me when she's not around.
Anyways we ride the same bus and live near each other so we walk home together. Whenever we walk he's always tries to make me laugh & tickles me. and he always points out everything I wear. If I'm wearing ripped jeans he touches my legs through the holes & is like "your out of dress code" just to touch me. and when I wear shirts with something on it He touches the prints and is like "this is so cool" and when he does that he always touches my boobs. He seems to only touch the patterns near my boobs.
if we sit next to each other on the bus he always tries touching my legs/thighs always saying "what's on your pants". & once when I had a dance performance he came & and the end of it told me in private that I have a nice butt and I dance well. Also back to walking home he always walks a little behind me & I feel like he's checking me out & it creeps me out tbh. he always texts me flirting with me saying things like "you don't have to even try since u always look good".
School started again today. And we were walking home and I was wearing a tshirt. And again he commented on my shirt & started touching my boobs "pointing something out on my shirt" and It had something written on the back & he completely lifted up my backpack (w/o my permiasion so I was offguard) just to read what was on the back. I feel he only did that to look at my butt. I called him out on it a few times last year but yet again @ school 2day he's the same. I have no idea if he likes me cuz he's only like this when were alone but when we are with friends/ his girlfriend he doesn't even acknowledge me.
I don't like him. I see him as a friend. And I feel uncomfortable that he does these things especially since he has a girlfriend & shouldn't be like this with me. His girlfriend doesn't even know he touches me. I need advice. TYSM :)
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Okay you guys. I took your advice and told him to stop because he started again with "why do u have a pocket on your shirt" but before he could touch me I slapped his hands away & told him to stop touching & looking at me. That it makes me uncomfortable. I evem told him I'll tell his girlfriend on him. And he just laughed. He said she wouldn't care. And so I started kicking him & was like get away from me & started walking away. But he took it as if I was playing with him. 😑 so I told him...
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Again that he seriously needed to stop touching me that I don't like it. And he was just like "yeah whatever" but he was quieter and wasn't looking at me anymore. So we continued walking till I got home & he didn't say bye/ turn around like usual. So I'm satisfied that I actually got the message through his thick skull. But I feel like he would just continue but I'll just keep being assertive. Also I'm debating whether I should actually tell his girlfriend or not...
My Guy Friend Keeps Touching Me Inappropriately. He Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable. How to Tell Him to Stop?
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