Whats "bad timing" for a relationship really mean?

Me and the guy I've been seeing for 9 months, had a talk about where this is going. He's met my fam, I haven't met his yet, I've talked to his mother on the phone etc, but he told me its bad timing for us to be serious. He said he wants to be together, he thinks we'd be good together, that he wouldn't talk to me if he didn't like me & he wouldn't lead me on. We don't see each other much (which bothers me) We do not have s*x..we've only hugged & kissed, so I know that's not what's he is interested in, as he's never tried to either. He tells me I'm different & he's never met a girl like me,or had so much in common. He ended a long time relationship a few months before we met 9 months ago. It ended badly So I don't know if that's the issue. I'm just confused about what "bad timing" means. He's not getting "ANYTHING", except mostly talking on the phone & hanging out occasionally. I just don't want to wait & then he decides I'm not what he wants. Can "bad timing" really be bad timing or is this usually code for something else?
Whats "bad timing" for a relationship really mean?
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