What Does It Mean When A Guy Opens Up To You?

See, there's this guy I'm super interested in. I met him a few months ago but only recently we've been talking a lot. In the last week we've talked every day by either text of Facebook chat and I see him pretty often and we've gone out to lunch with friends and gotten together to do some work at the library. Just today, we had the longest conversation and during this he opened up to me about his family and things about his past and issues.

I'm just wondering what this all means? Does it mean he trusts me? Does it mean that he's decided that I'm a 'friend" and not girlfriend material? If a guy opens up to you in such a way, what is he thinking? I'd really appreciate some help on this. I actually really like him. :(


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  • He trusts you, confides, building rapport, is open with you ie likes you


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  • Guys will open up in people they trust. That means their mum, their best friend, a girl who they consider a good friend, or yes girlfriend material. I'm different, I dump my feelings on everyone :P but experiment a little, ask him what they think about you, and tell them to be honest. If he opened up to you, he is going to be honest about this one, and make sure you say it puts no pressure on what you have either way. If you like this guy, he could be a great friend, or a boyfriend who you have fun with and then end up hurting. Guys won't say it, but they get beat up about relationships ending, they will bottle it in and it will hurt.


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