Why can't my boss look me in the eye?

I've been working with my boss for a few months. He has a difficult time looking me in the eye. When he leaves for the day, he'll say bye to me but won't actually look at me, yet he looks at everyone else. When we have to have one-on-one meetings, he looks very nervous, fidgeting and stuttering. Sometimes I catch him looking deeply into my eyes but then he looks away quickly. It's very strange.

Why is he doing this?
  • He has a crush on you
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  • He's hiding something from you
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He may not know how to handle it. Is he your age? If so, it may be flirting

    • He's a little bit older than me and he's married.

    • Maybe he doesn't want to like you, but can't help himself. Are you intimidating?

    • I can be intimidating. I'm very perceptive.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably nervous to like you


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  • Looks like he finds you appealing and attractive and also he might have some soft corner for you as well.

  • Uh your choices aren't good; it may be neither of these.

  • He is attracted to you.


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