Did this guy ever like me? If then, why did he suddenly stop talking to me?

-Christmas: I gave him a small gift for Christmas and he asked me to give him a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put it around my waist.

-i went to his guitar concert. as he was coming off the stage and into aisle between 1st and 2nd column of seats, I waved from the other aisle between 2nd and 3rd column of seats. he notices me, then crosses all the way. he wraps his arm around me and I hugged him back. the hug lasted like 3~4 seconds.

-one time, he was in a bad temper and blew up on me. I ran from him, crying, then avoided him next couple of days. days later, he saw me and tried to catch my eyes. when I hung my head, he apologized and said I was like sunshine to him.

-one day, I was looking for something on the class desk where they keep all the papers. people were still packing up. he suddenly came up from behind, and put his hands on my love handles. then he leaned over and whispered to my ear to make me aware of potentially disastrous things on the desk i.e. extremely tall cup of smoothie. he then told me to not be so impatient.

-one day, I was working on my paper on the classroom desk during lunch. I was in especially foul mood. when I went into the room, he was talking to someone else, so I didn't think he'd notice. when I was working, he came up behind me, leaned his face over close to my ear to look what I was doing and whispered to me that what I was working on looks hard in his witty tone.

-I saw him after summer vacation. he was helping another student. I hesitated before interrupting, but he noticed me. then we hugged. this time, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me flush to his body, wrapping his arm around my waist.

-one morning, I wasn't wearing my reading glasses, and he took notice. he said, did you get contacts? you look nice (something along that line)

-one time my reading glasses broke at the nose part. it wasn't his fault, but he found super glue somehow and tried to put it back together. he even cleaned the lenses. this was during the passing time.

-he stared at me. a lot. we sat on the opposite side of the room, but whenever I would look over, he would be looking at me. not much smiling expression. but even when our eyes met and I looked away, he would still be looking at me.

-he would talk to other girls about me (not like a bad or nice way. kinda imitating me for a laugh)

-one time, I was super excited about something and I blabbed on and on. we were sitting on the floor by the corner and it was during the break. I get nervous when I talk to him, so I talk super fast (I normally talk slow) and do not really make an eye contact with him. when I looked up, I realized he was staring at me with a really loving smile on his lips.

-but he suddenly stopped talking to me. he still stared, but talked to other girls way too much. after while, I stopped talking to him, but he tried to make mutual statements in our mutual friend group (e.g. you guys know I love all of you)

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I've known him for about three years.

I actually go to different school than him now and don't see him anymore.

I wanted to move on, but I did really like him and it still bothers me as to why he suddenly stopped talking to me.
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However, he stared me SOOO much more since he stopped talking to me.It's like, our conversation decreased while his stares increased.We sat in the opposite side of the room.
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I would be talking to my friend next to me, but when I looked up, he would be always staring at me. But it wasn't one of those "oh, crap! she noticed. I should look away." he liked constantly stared at me even though our eyes met.
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BTW, the thing that's holding him back might be the difference in the rank. It's too complicated to explain, but he's basically like my supervisor (as in like boss at a job). This actually occurred overseas so it's hard for me to explain.
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But think of him as someone like a mentor, a teacher to like ~50, ~60 people.
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Thanks for all the advice and comment!
Did this guy ever like me? If then, why did he suddenly stop talking to me?
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