He slipped out the “L” word. Do guys mean what they say when drunk?

I’ve been on and off with this guy for 8 months. Our connection and chemistry is crazy. In our off times we talk to other people but we always seem to come back to each other. We tried dating originally but I was insecure and needy and he was very independent. So we called it off. I’ve since be to therapy for my past and gain self confidence and found my own independence and life. I can go days without talking to him without feeling lost. We reconnected on a friends with benefits status. We live in different states but fly out to see each other. The last couple of visits he’s become very “expressive” towards me and almost clingy and asking about the guys I’m talking to. Last night we went out and drank and he was pretty much glued to my hip the whole night. When we got back to my place he was hugging up on me and at some point whispered “god I love you”. I’m not sure I was meant to hear it so I didn’t respond.

Does he mean it or was he just drunk?


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  • The truth comes out when people are drunk & men are known to be very, strongly serious when using the "L" word. To be sure, if you're confident enough, bring the situation up while he's sober. I recommend doing it in person without any sex being involved, you know, since you're FWBs. 👍

  • they say alcohol has an effect where it makes it easier for us to speak what is on our minds, he could be simply the type though that tells others he loves them, but being with him on and off for 8 months he could definitely mean it


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