What does it mean when a guy talks a lot about himself?

I really like this guy, and he always tells about his life.. like, how he was born in Germany.. and his religion, and his family, and stuff that he doesn't usually tell other people. What does that mean?


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  • maybe he just needs a friend


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  • He thinks your interesting, he is not sure if you know about him so he's telling you about himself, if you react positively. Also he may think if he tells you about himself you'd tell him about you. This doesn't mean romantic feelings, he wants to make friends.

  • He is trying to impress you and show off (big ego) or is insecure and trying to feel accepted

    • why would he want to impress me though, does that mean he likes me?

    • Yes that's something that (some) guys will try to do when he likes a girl in order to try to 'win' affection from them. I personally think directly trying to impress a girl is 'try hard' and it's better for her to be impressed indirectly (i.e. giving her a ride in my car instead of talking about my car)

    • like he's always bragging about what sports he plays, and about his

      good marks and stuff like that.. only to me though, why's that ? :/

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  • the guys into you will dig for a lot information about you instead of just talking about himself

    • what do you mean ?

    • does he ask questions about you? if he likes you, he's going to be curious about everything on you, your family, your religion, your hobbies...

      sometimes he might just see you as a right person to talk to, which might be a good start

    • yeah he sometimes asks me questions, but I don't tell him much..

      but he always tells me stuff about him.. which is good cause I want

      to get to know him better.