Do you think it’s okay for guys with SO’s to like other girls’ selfies?

Do you think it’s okay for guys with SO’s to like other girls’ selfies?
Do you think it’s okay for guys with SO’s to like other girls’ selfies?
Let me state first of all that personally I DO think it’s okay for guys, including those with SO’s, to like other girls’ selfies on social media. And I would also like to clarify that I’m not talking about selfies of girls that are borderline pornographic, you know the kind I’m talking about. The kind I am talking about in this post, the ones that I think are harmless, I’ve included an example of (a guy I know’s fiancée got super mad at him for liking this pic of me on Instagram, and she made him unfollow me). The meme above is something a girl I know, who is married, posted on FB, but I don’t really agree with it (the part about selfies, let’s just ignore the stuff in the middle for now). Now, this girl is VERY insecure, is overweight, and is on her second marriage because her first husband only married her to get his Canadian citizenship, and as soon as he got it he started cheating on her. Now, her case is a bit extreme in terms of her insecurity, but I’ve met quite a few women, many of whom are very attractive, who get very jealous and irate if their husband or boyfriend, who, by all appearances seem to be very devoted to them, likes selfies of other women who are attractive. Do they have a point? Is liking other girls’ social media pics, or even just looking at them in their IG stories, and indication that they are attracted to these other women and are thinking of cheating? Or is that a bit irrational? I personally think it is. I think if a woman has a big problem with her man doing that, it’s a sign that she’s either very insecure, or there may be some underlying problems in the relationship, and deep down she’s afraid that he’s attracted to other women and might want to cheat. If so, I think those issues should be addressed in the relationship, because that level of distrust and jealousy, to the point where a man can’t like another girls’ pictures, is very unhealthy. But, that’s just my opinion. What do you all think?
It’s okay for guys to like other girls’ selfies
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Now, liking another girls' pics every now and then is one thing, but what if a guy constantly likes one or two specific girls' pics of herself, and views every single one of her posts and IG stories without fail? And it's a girl he may actually run into in person from time to time at events, ect? To me, that borders on being almost obsessive. I have had two or three guys do that with me (one in particular, who has a serious girlfriend) and it makes me feel a bit uneasy.
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Let’s take it up a notch: suppose a guy (with a SO, and you and the SO don’t know each other at all) who likes all your selfies and stories on IG, then adds you as a Facebook friend (or requests it, anyway). You don’t really know each other, but could run into each other on occasion, though. Is that an indication that he has more of an interest in you than just looking at your pics? And, if the guy knows that the girl has a SO herself, is his behaviour disrespectful to her man?
Do you think it’s okay for guys with SO’s to like other girls’ selfies?
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