Why is my guy friend obsessed with my butt?

I don’t think he likes me. I think he likes me for my butt. He treats my butt like it’s a gold trophy. He squats down beside me to pick up something that’s near my butt. He squats down by me for so long when he thinks I’m not paying attention. His head is near my butt and he hurries up and stands up quick when I turn around. He does it the most when I’m wearing these one pair of jeans. These jeans make my butt look bigger.

He finds any excuse to stand behind me. I bend over this desk on purpose 2 days ago just to test him. He moved closer to me. He wasn’t looking at my butt but I can tell he wanted to. He couldn’t because I was looking at him. It looked like he was sweating bullets.

I’m kinda upset about it because I have feelings for him but all he cares about is my ass. I may be wrong. He does get jealous when I’m talking to other guys but that could be anything.
Why is my guy friend obsessed with my butt?
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