Is she still interested? Mixed messages?

So I went out with this girl a couple of weeks ago. I had been on some mediocre dates since my ex and I broke up, and I was just not feeling a connection with any of the women I went out with. It was different with her. We had an amazing first date, made out for a little bit at the end, and she asked me when she was going to see me again. We made plans for a second date, and in the time in between we texted a bunch and she called two times.

Our second date was on monday, and that went really well also. I was getting all of the signs for her, she was talking about future dates and other stuff, and we had a pretty intense makeout session at the end. We also spent some time talking about sex (things we like, etc) for a while (she initiated) and also about what we are looking for, etc. Although I am looking for a long term dating situation, I also have been trying to keep myself from getting too excited with a girl I like too quickly, but I fear that as a result she might be questioning my intentions (i.e. whether I'm just looking for a hookup situation).

Anyway, we made plans for a third date. We texted/gchatted a bit the next few days, although not as much as before. I know that she had a very busy week though, so that could be a factor. We were supposed to go out on wednesday, but she texted and canceled that afternoon, saying that she had been sick all day and had to go home from school, and apologized. She gchatted me that night though. We rescheduled for Saturday. She texted me early Friday morning to tell me about an interview she had just finished, then called me Friday during lunch. I took those as good signs. Friday evening, however, she texted and said that she had to cancel for saturday, as she had some obligations (she went into detail about what it was, it sounded plausible) that she thought were next weekend but turned out to be this weekend. She added in stuff like "do you hate me?" and "please don't be mad." Then she told me she would let me know when she would be free next week as soon as she knew.

We texted a little yesterday, although not too much.

My question is, do you think she is still interested based on all of that? She seemed so into things, and I'm not really sure what could have happened to change that. Also, I'm not sure why she would be initiating texts with me and calling me if she wasn't interested anymore. Thoughts?
Is she still interested? Mixed messages?
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