Is she is waiting for my texts or just lost interest?

So here is my story. I started to like a girl whom i saw her in my family reunion. She lives 60 miles away from me. We got introduced and talked for a while. She seems to be interested. She gave her number and asked me to text her. Once we parted i texted her. The first conversation really went good for nearly 4 to 5 hours. Then she used to text me first, every morning and we talk about our daily activities in our colleges. We both are studying in different colleges. For nearly two weeks she used to text me every day and things was going really well. Then after that she suddenly stopped texting me first. At first i thought may be she is really busy with her studies or whatever. Two weeks gone but still i didn't heard anything from her. Her birthday came and I wished her over text. She replied " Thank you :) ". That's all, nothing more. I kinda get worried. So one day I texted her how she is? She immediately replied back and both of us tried to keep the conversation going.
So here is my problem started.
1. She used to text me first everyday in the beginning but now am the one initiating it.
2. She is not replying in one word and that's good. But after some times she stopped to ask the questions in the conversations and am the one who is doing it so.
3. I ve seen all the signs of interest in person. But in text, it it's different.

Here are my questions:
1. Am not asking you whether she likes me or not. Because i know the answer. But i want to know whether she is confused about it right now?
2. Like the old saying does girls hate to text first? If so why she did it in the beginning.
3. Is she is waiting for my text or playing hard to get?
4. Since we are not seeing each other everyday does it make her to lost interest over me.
So guys am going mad everyday whenever i used to think about it. Am expecting girls to give some right kind opinions about it. And also boys who are in the situation...
Is she is waiting for my texts or just lost interest?
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