Help me, did he lose interest in me?

Me and this guy have been texting each other everyday for like 2 and a half months or something. We're not in a relationship, we're just friends with benefits who text each other often. He used to initiate conversations with me everyday, we would have casual convos like "wyd?" or "how are you" stuff like that. We eventually started texting less, but would always say like "goodnight" before going to sleep. I would also initiate conversations sometimes when he wouldn't text first. yesterday i decided to not text him and wait for him to do it, bc sometimes im not sure if he wants to talk or not. but he didn't text me at all. this is the first time we spend a day without texting and I don't know if he didn't want to talk to me or was waiting for me to text him.. but he used to say goodnight even if we didn't text much, and i feel like if he was really interested he would text me, right? What do you guys think?
Help me, did he lose interest in me?
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