THIN VS. THICK (please help)?

I’m kinda self conscious, but, would guys prefer a more voluptuous woman or a woman that is more on the thin side? Like when I’m talking about thick, I mean like thick thighs, big butt, large breasts, fit slim-ish waist, more on the thin side arms, and thin calves. When I’m talking about thin, I mean more on the bony side, with not much hips or “curves” (not trying to offend any of the slim girls / or dehumanize them because of their figure). I’ve just always been self conscious of my thighs, and I get a lot of stares when I wear form-fitting clothes, so I would like to know if it is good stares or bad stares :/. All my guys out there, please help!!!
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THIN VS. THICK (please help)?
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