Drunk texted a guy I really like, would appreciate some advice on how to fix this situation?

recently i have been talking to a guy i knew from HS and he has made it clear he was really interested in me on multiple occasions and i reciprocate those feelings. he moved halfway across the country after graduation so i haven't been able to see him in person but we text/snapchat all day every day. it had been going really well, but i had just started to get the feeling that the more open i was about my feelings, the more it turned him off. i wanted to work on more normal talk and less "feelings" talk and see if i could get it going in the right direction again but i really screwed up last night. I got really drunk and messaged him and called him a bunch saying i wanted to talk (he knew i was drinking). he eventually responded and said he'd call in a bit and then when he did i was really drunk and the call lasted for about 6 minutes before he hung up. i continued to drunk call and text him after saying "why did you hang up" and "what did i do wrong, what happened" for about an hour. probably ended up sending about 20 messages total- im SO embarrassed. I could see that he was active on facebook the whole time yet not reading my messages so of course that made me want to text him more. I eventually fell asleep and woke up this AM to see that he still hadn't looked at my messages or responded to me. got some good advice from a friend and shot him a quick "im sorry im so embarassed " text at about 11am. no response all day, i am so worried i permanently screwed up. Please help me find a way to salvage this because things were going so well and we had so much in common i was so excited to see where it went. id like to hear from a guys POV ideally what they'd like to hear that would make them forgive and move past this situation. its about 8pm as i type this and as a last ditch effort i sent one last message saying i was sorry, i was embarrassed and i knew i had been immature. i also said i knew it wasn't a good side of me and i dont plan to ever drink that much again.
Drunk texted a guy I really like, would appreciate some advice on how to fix this situation?
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