Is he a fuckboy?

To sum it up quick for anyone curious about this prompt. I met this guy last year that I really like. I still do to this day. We talked a lot in the beginning & I was seeing really good signs from him. Eventually, it became sour because of personality clashes. I’m very confrontational/ upfront about my feelings when I feel disrespected. he's not.

Which affected us from progressing further. But also, it confuses me I was upfront always for a good reason. We didn’t talk because he would make plans to see me, then when it was time too, he would flake and hang out with his friends... Everytime...

not sure why he did stuff like that. Like I genuinely couldn’t tell what he wanted out of talking to me. If it was suppose to be a relationship or a casual hookup thing. I’m fine with either since I love my independence. But I tried making choices that to suggest that I was ok with either one as long as me & him were something.

time passed by and I got tired of him flaking on me so I stopped talking to him/ignored him. Last week I felt Vulnerable we started talking again but I was super bold. I sent a spontaneous nude ( which I am now cringing at ) and it made definite plans to see each other. When it was time for me to come over he basically texted saying he was going out with his friends... he asked if I was going out too & i was like “ I was planning to come over?” And he said “that’s later”

so ultimately I didn’t say anything that was negative. I chosen to cut off communication with him. He hasn’t reached out to me & unfollowed me back.

im just baffled because I don’t know what he got out of it besides getting his ego
stroked. I thought he would be thrilled for no strings attached relationship since he doesn’t suggest anything relationship wise...
I don't know help? Thoughts?
Is he a fuckboy?
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