I wonder why he didn't text me today?

I met a guy online a month ago. We are long distance, I live between 2 countries traveling often back and forth (luckily that will change soon). Anyway, we matched on Tinder a month ago and been texting and talking since then every single day throughout the day. We clicked and it's nice. We set a up a date for when I come to his town again which will be in a week. Our conversations go from random to work stuff to funny stuff and romantic and sexual stuff, like all in all. It started a bit too strong in the beginning from both sides but then we talked about it and decided to keep it casual until we meet in person and then see what from there. But in general we are both looking for a relationship and are both up for a long distance if we really click in person. I plan to move there permanently soon and I'm working really hard on it. So basically I kind of got used to talking to him every day (sometimes he initiates sometimes I, I don't really pay much attention to it), but today nothing. Yesterday we talked as usual, he usually lets me know when he's back home from work but he didn't do it yesterday. I hate being the one to bother with texts and assumed he just maybe wasn't in the mood to text after work or whatever. So I let it go, assumed we'll talk today. Is this guy ghosting me? Should I call him?
I wonder why he didn't text me today?
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