When an Aquarian Guy likes you, why does he disappear?

All of you, who are aquarians, answer this question. Why do when Aquarians really like you, they gather all this information about you and then when he finds out you like them back, he disappears? Why does he disappear?

And then he returns and stares at you...for ages. o.o and is around you after class.

He’s shy. He gets embarrassed when he sees me outside of school, but covers it up with his cold expression. So obvious he likes me. I can see it in his body language...he was spazzing inside. He’s not shy though... I have asked his ex and she said he’s far from shy. Maybe he just wants me to think that...mhm…I don’t know. Lol.

Anyways…I just walked up to him and his friends today and asked them a question…he just looks at me blankly and his friend tells me the answer and I walk away…and he just slightly smiles and looks at me from a distance.

I guess I was expecting him to be in English today. He disappeared and rocked up late and I don't know why…

Is it just Because he wants to be different? maybe Because I was expecting it he did the unexpected. haha. :) Or maybe he was coming to terms with his emotions. Or maybe he was solving a problem. Or maybe he was just bored. Or maybe he was testing my reactions. Or maybe he doesn’t like me and has a girlfriend and was just giving me time to get over him. Lol. I don't know really. Am I over analysing? What do you think it is? Why did he do that?

I know its stereotypical calling him an Aquarian.

But he’s got Ascendant, Sun and Mercury in there.

When an Aquarian Guy likes you, why does he disappear?
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