Guys, why would a guy disappear suddenly if he said he likes you?

A few months back I reunited with an old friend. (I'll be skipping most of details make it fit). He kept asking if i liked him. Eventually I fell for him He lives far, so we werent a thing, but he would wait for me to go there in September. We said we'd share a house and go to the same university. Then some stuff changed. He took up his fathers offer to open his own catering in a different place and moved back with his family. So that plan was dead. Anyway, we kept talking, so he said I could move with him in his new house in the town he was opening his business ( which, by the way, also didn't happen after all..). He was getting stressed, I could feel it. Anyway, I told him I loved him accidentally one time, but I meant it. A couple of weeks later we talked about it and he said he ignored it cause he didn't believe it was real. Even though I had shown him i did so many times, the way I could at least. A few days later he had barely spoken to me cause he had been working. I asked him if he still liked me. He said: hmmm, maybe I still like you. What did that mean? Its highly possible he was teasing me like he usually did, but I kept thinking that he meant that literally. The next morning we texted each other good morning like always. In the afternoon I noticed he no longer was following me on instagram. Neither was I. 'Did you remove me from insta?' 'yes' 'why' ' you keep tagging me everywhere. 'I felt so confused. I had only tagged him in 5 photos and he never minded, i always asked. I said : You said you didn't mind. What happened that made you change your mind? To which he replied 'Too much conversation' and then blocked me everywhere. What bothers me is why he did all this? Does anyone have any idea?
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It's been 68 days. And everyday I miss him more. Maybe I shouldn't, but I still do. I have tried a couple of times to call him, but I never got to him, only to recently find out that he probably changed his number since he now uses his old number in his store. I'm out of options I think. All I can do now is wait or give up and try to forget him.
Guys, why would a guy disappear suddenly if he said he likes you?
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