Guys: why is my guy friend suddenly ignoring me?

I've known him for two years. He is 23 and I am 21. We met at the college I used to go to. Anyways, me and him are close friends. I do have feelings for him, but last year he told me I'm not my type and that he likes another girl. But we still remained friends. I started liking a new guy and told my guy friend about him. What is confusing is I am sure that my guy friend sounded and looked jealous whenever I'd bring up the new guy. He even glared at the new guy when he'd come around me. I don't know if he likes me in that way. He does blush when I hug and compliment him. His friends even bothered him about me. He's a shy guy. The first time I talked to him he got so nervous he walked away from me in the middle of talking... But I don't know if he likes me because when a guy likes a girl he will make her his girlfriend.

I recently got mad at him over something but forgave him. When forgiving him I told him he's my best friend and that I care a lot about him. He responded to my text that day. That was three to four weeks ago and he's been ignoring my texts ever since. I've asked him what is wrong, but no reply. I asked him if I could hang out with him, but again no response. I told him that he's hurting my feelings, but he said nothing. He would always reply to my texts and even promised me that he would never suddenly disappear. I know he's ignoring me because my friend called him and he answered.

We used to talk all the time. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm thinking things have gotten weird ever since me being mad at him, but I forgave him so I really don't understand why he's being like this. What do you think is happening?

It seems odd to me for him to do this. I am curious to know which reasons you guys have to suddenly ignore a girl.
2 months ago I did ask him if he could introduce me to some of his male friends. He didn't say anything and looked mad... I do like him a lot still, but I'm under the impression he does not have feelings for me. He's had 2 or 3 girlfriends before.


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  • He likes you, wants to be with you and is probably ignoring you because he feels rejected and friendzoned by you. Some guys will ignore a girl when they like her and feel as though they can never be with her.

    • During this time period of him ignoring me I actually told him through text that I still like him a lot, but I think he may think I'm lying. I must admit I did play the whole "hard to get" thing... but I think I did it wrong. Now I think he thinks I may be trying to use him just to get to other guys which isn't the case. Yes I was purposely trying to get him jealous, but I guess it backfired.

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    • He told me I'm not his type over text. That was a year ago so maybe things have changed. I tried calling him last night. The phone rang, he picked up and there was silence for three seconds, and then he hung up. I haven't told him about this but I'm talking to other guys now. My guy friend is being immature and I have no time for that.

    • I don't blame you, but talk to other guys, you never know one of those may capture your interest. Good luck.

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