My co-worker and I kissed and now he’s acting strange?

I work with this guy and we started smoking after work, having deep convos which he always initiated.

So, I casually texted him that we should catch and he responded by asking me out for tacos and we made plans for Thurs. We smoked, talked about life—he even said “I think we are twins”.

At the taco place we drank a pitcher of margarita and feed each-other tacos. His friend popped by and introduced himself saying, “oh, your the girl.” And invited us to go to the bar with him and his girlfriend.

When we left he put his arm around me and asked, “Is this okay?” We drank more at the bar and both were a bit tipsy, and we walked around the streets after while his friends went to get food. We made out. And he was saying, “What do you think people at work will think?” And “Our lips are perfect for each other.”

Later, we went to his house and made out more, which was leading to more and he asked “Is this okay? We don’t have to and we can cuddle.” I chose cuddle because I didn’t want to have sex for the first time drunk with him, and he supported me and kissed my forehead and we fell asleep.

He was sick all night, and I rubbed his back and cared for him then left the next morning. He called me later that day and checked in on me to see how I felt about last night. I told him I enjoyed it and he said he did too. He mentioned how embarrassed he felt about getting sick, which I told him that it was okay.

We saw eachother at work and everything was normal. He came up and called me “twin”. Before I left I asked him to send me his cash app so I could give him some money for the other night since he payed for everything. He awkwardly said “okay” but never did and the next day at work he was acting really weird and avoidant.

I asked what was up he mentioned that he was at a party and was tired. He asked what my plans were later and I asked him if he wanted to hang out. He said, “I’ll let you know and keep you posted.” And he never did.

And the next day at work he called out.
My co-worker and I kissed and now he’s acting strange?
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