Why does he still wanna play with me?

I’ve been seeing this guy for about two months now and something I picked up from him was gaming and I actually enjoy it, it’s pretty fun. But I’m very new and not that good at it or this particular game and he knows that, and always helped me out in the beginning. He still does but now he invites me to play with his friends and I get so anxious because first I don’t know them, second they’re his friends and third I know I’m not good and don’t wanna embarrass myself lol

He knows that I’m not the best but he still invites me to play and play with his friends. I genuinely thought that since he knew I wasn’t that good that he wouldn’t really invite me to play, unless we just happened to be on at the same time or something. He still asks for me to play and for some reason I’m really curious as to why he still does if I suck lol some guys are serious about their games and I would understand if he just wanted to play with his friends until I felt a lot better about my skills so to speak haha.

Why does he still invite me to play even when I suck at it?
Why does he still wanna play with me?
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