He has this girlfriend, so why is he still messing with me?

Sorry that this is kind of long, but I really need your help!

About a year and a half ago, I got a crush on a coworker. We hung out outside of work and chatted pretty frequently, but I figured he wasn’t interested, so I never tried anything. A few months later I moved abroad for work, and I thought the crush would just disappear with the distance.

But he kept talking to me-at first just an email every few weeks, but then we were chatting a lot during the week. When I visited over Christmas, we hung out nearly every day, and finally admitted we had a crush on each other, and hooked up. But he said he wasn't interested in long distance, and neither was I, as the move abroad had broken up me and my last wonderful boyfriend. I thought contact between us would just kind of stop once I went back.

But it didn’t. In fact, from January to April, not only did we chat every day, but we emailed back and forth, sometimes as many as six emails a day! Some of the emails also crossed the line from flirting to full-on sexual talk. Then suddenly, in mid-April, he sends a message about us “just being friends” and how he “wants me to be happy.” This email seemed to come out of nowhere (especially since he always initiated the sexual talk), so I asked him if he could please tell me if he was dating someone else. He said ok… then not even two days later his sister, a good friend of mine, told me he was dating another coworker! Not only was she barely a week single, but she was younger, sweeter, nicer, and more innocent than me.

I was heartbroken-not only because I still really liked him, but because he’d lied to me about dating her, and hadn’t just rejected me! I’d always told him I preferred to just be straight-out, no-nonsense rejected, because that made it easier for me to move on. Yet he didn’t even have the stones to tell me he wasn’t interested anymore!

I’ve been trying to avoid him online. If he’s on, I go invisible. But he still manages to sneak up on me-he’ll aim me the second he gets on. After two weeks of no contact… he sent me a text message, messaged me on Skype, and wrote on my wall all within a weekend! I haven’t been able to go a week without him contacting me in some way.

I even tried being a really mean bitch to him, in hopes he’d stop contacting me. I asked him why he was still talking to me when he has this new girlfriend (whom he NEVER mentions when we do talk.) He asked “why shouldn’t I?" I told him to f*ck off! That he was a cowardly little boy, that he had no balls… He just told me “Girls think too much ? “ and talked like nothing was wrong.

I just don’t understand. He has this girlfriend, so why is he still messing with me? I made it clear I was upset about it. So why does he keep contacting me? Is blocking him everywhere the only way to get him to leave me alone so I can deal with this crush and move on? I mean, he’s dating this girl he obviously thinks is better than me, so why is he still talking to me?
He has this girlfriend, so why is he still messing with me?
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