Guys, what do you personally view as "strength"?

Men, in your personal life, what do you consider to be strength or a source of power for you?

After having a conversation with @JosyJosy, we brought up how many men have different views of what they consider personal strength and what they value as such. For me, I consider physical size and literal strength as "strength." Being big, powerful, and dominant. Which is why I loathe and despise the shitty-ass fucking height that I am; it's the complete opposite of physical strength. I feel like a lion stuck in the body of a mouse.

But as Josy implied, many men do not value or care about physical strength or size at all, which is why some 5'4" (163 cm) men can be comfortable with who they are, despite how that's seven inches weaker than even I am! I'm a short-shit myself, and some men are even smaller than me, and yet aren't nearly as bothered by their height and lack of strength and power as I am. They'd rather make money or whatever. But I don't value the same things some other men do, like being wealthy or rich. A billionaire can still get his ass kicked by a poor man. Billions of dollars mean nothing in the apocalypse. I don't view wealth as having much strength or power at all.

We also talked about martial arts and how both her friend and me do martial arts, but it doesn't make me feel any stronger, tougher, more badass or anything. Because as she said, I don't view martial arts as strength. (I kinda do, but you'd have to be on the level of Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson, both of whom were short men, before I begin to take you seriously.)

What do YOU consider to be strength or power?
Guys, what do you personally view as strength?
Guys, what do you personally view as strength?
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Guys, what do you personally view as "strength"?
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