Does This Attractive Guy Like Me?

Met a guy at work a few days ago and we've been talking for a few days. He wants to take me out later this week for a meal. He talks to be a lot, replying within minutes of me sending him a message. He sometimes replies with voice recordings and videos and he sometimes records them when with friends or family. He was at a party with his friends but was still texting me regularly. He has mentioned wanting to do things like watching shows, cooking together, going on nights out. He was willing to borrow his brother console just so he could game with me. He's flirted but he has not turned things sexual which I take as a sign he isn't just after sex.

Thing is, he is a really attractive guy, way out of my league so I'm confused to why he would be interested in me. He even invited me on a date over other much better looking women as one told me she had been dancing with his that night yet he didn't even get her number but got mine and asked me on a date.
Does This Attractive Guy Like Me?
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