Did he deserve it?

Yesterday I was with my boyfriend at a library we were chilling. I kneeled down to pick up a book and he stood up in front of me and pushed his groin on my head telling me to give him head. I assumed he was trying to joke around but I felt disrespected. I had a book in my hand and struck him between the legs pretty hard. He fell on the ground while a few people saw everything and were laughing their ass out.

I didn't like what he did and there was other people around so I felt like it was deserved. Now I also took the book and I'm reading it at home and everytime he sees the book he's telling me he can feel the side of it hitting his junk, almost like PTSD lol. Not only that but I won't be giving him head for a while. He didn't take it too bad but he keeps saying he didn't deserve it. What y'all think?
He deserved it, you go girl
Nah that was harsh, totally undeserved
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Did he deserve it?
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