Is he busy, shy, or losing interest?

the guy I've been dating has cooled off slightly in contacting me every day. when we first met, he would always inquire about my day and text me random stuff throughout, but now his messages seem somewhat lackluster and he seems to not initiate as often (although he agrees to do things when I ask).

to the guys: what are some signs that he is genuinely busy, that he is shy, or that he is actually losing interest?

when we are together in person, everything is fine. I just feel distant when he doesn't keep in contact with me when we're apart especially since he used to love contacting me to the point where I thought he was clingy.

any help would be great!


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  • From the sounds of it he thought he was being clingy to.. So he's stepping back..

    And ya that means he's losing intrest.. Most likly your not showing enough back to him

    How often do you start trying to contact him first..

    Have you ever showed him that you liked him talking to you.. Or did you just show him you thought he was clingy

    Its also possable he's just busy.. Just ask him out he'll tell you

    • i try to initiate every other time maybe... lately it just seems like I'm being more forward with trying to see him, but he does initiate a fair amount in talking to me, not so much in trying to see me. he has always been sort of passive to begin with but I am just noticing this more and more because I'm actually starting to like him.

      how do I show him that I like him and I like talking to him?

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    • at least he didn't tell me he was busy. but I don't know if that just means he is being polite. this past week has been eating me up because the frequency of our communication has dropped significantly

    • He said .

      "yeah we should hangout, I'll let you know."

      This was not him saying he will ask you out...

      This was him saying if you gave him a time and place he'd let you know if he's not busy..

      So ask him out.. Plan somthing and go

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  • you can get a lot of attention from a puppy or maybe start with a goldfish and prove to your parents that you can take care of a puppy. read a book.


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  • Well, if everything is fine in person than I guess he is busy. You are dating him right?

    Guys need space sometimes (not in a bad way). See, guys want some space between their girlfriends sometimes so they can breathe and maybe just chill with their mates. Maybe cool off with the texting for a bit and let him know you appreciate his guy space. If it is too long than there is a problem. If not he'll come back to texting you a lot, in just a matter of seconds.

    • yeah he hasn't made plans to see me at all but has initiated a couple conversations with me a few days ago so I finally asked him is he is free and he curtly replied, "yeah we should hang out, I'll let you know." I don't know if he'll contact me again... sounds like he is being wishy washy and polite. what do you think? still wait?

    • Yeah still wait. A guy shoudn't be saying that just to be polite if he is in a relationship. So just wait and see yeah.