Why would a guy not wanna be friends with a girl?

I was an intern and he was a coworker, I'm 22 and he's 25 and we got along great. He was always laughing in my company and we always had a good time talking. I even added him on social media and he would send me old college papers when I asked him. I was an intern for two months and I'm not anymore so why would he not wanna become friends with me now that I don't work there? The guy I'm talking about is pretty weird, like he never starts any text conversations but always answers. Like one time I asked him something for school and he would send me a link to a newspaper article so obviously he wanted to talk to me about the article. Or there was this other time when he was sick from work and I texted him how he was doing, and I expected a short answer like "I'm doing better, thanks" but instead he sent me a whole paragraph about how he has trouble sleeping and feels pressure, and he writes this at 23.45 at night. I mean we barely know each other so why would he open up like that? I even texted him the day after again to check in how he was doing and he starts to respond all formal again and keeps trying to end the text conversation by leaving a facebook messenger reaction on my last text.

When we talked at work it was always about mundane stuff like school, the weather etc. I feel like I'm getting these mixed messages, like does he want to become friends or not? If he wants to become friends why does he never initiate a conversation (he is not shy at all, actually I have seen him be social with everyone!) and even if he does not wanna become friends why did he open up like that emotionally when I asked him how he was doing or why does he always answer in a very friendly way with emojis. This is so confusing, do you guys think he wants to become friends or what is going on here? I need to know if I'm wasting my time here...
Why would a guy not wanna be friends with a girl?
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