Am I being emotionally manipulated?

Been with my boyfriend now for 3 years and having issues with him and his behaviour recently.

I recently tested positive for covid 19 and obviously this has made Christmas much more difficult. I found out my isolation ends on Christmas Eve so I can actually spend time with my family on Christmas Day and my boyfriend.

After I told him about my positive result he kept trying to influence my decision on going to my mum’s on Christmas Day and he kept saying what if your mum and grandparents caught it trying to make me feel bad. My family are absolutely fine with me coming on Christmas Day as my isolation ends then and if they were that concerned about me then they wouldn’t have me over.

He was also trying to convince me to get the booster jab and basically I felt like he was blaming me for getting the virus because I haven’t had the booster jab yet. He was saying he was worried about the future in case I caught it again and he was stressing me out and I said to him I just want to focus on getting myself better first. By the way I am absolutely fine and have no symptoms and have had the 2 jabs. I felt like he was complaining more about my situation rather than actually making sure I was okay. I have mental health and anxiety and yet he continues with this behaviour. He said he wants to be with me so much on Christmas Day but if that’s the case then why is he trying to convince me to not see my family on Christmas?

A few family members and friends have told me in the past that he can be quite controlling.

This obviously isn’t the first time he’s acted this way and what is frustrating is that he doesn’t realise he is doing it.
Advice please? ❤️
Am I being emotionally manipulated?
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