He didn't want a relationship, but initiated contact after 4 months?

I wanted a serious relationship with this guy, but he told me he wasn't ready and there were things in his life going on, plus him wanting his freedom right now. I told him I was going to delete the contact and could not be his friend because that would give me false hopes about being with him. He respected my decision, I deleted his number and all socials. Now after 4 months of no communication he texted me wishing a merry Christmas, even remembering I deleted his number. I responded and he aksed about me further, how I was doing. I have been trying real hard to get over this guy, so I don't understand why he would bother to come back and why he even thought about me on Christmas Eve of all days.. I feel so utterly confused and also frustrated because I don't know what he wants and why he choose to do this at all? Does he have any genuine intentions at all (of regret or something) or is he really being an asshole by not respecting my wish of no contact? I responded to his text that I was doing fine, but didn't ask about him in return. He hasn't said anything after, but I don't know why he decided to do this.. I know he is on Tinder again and he had no problem cutting the contact with me 4 months ago either. He knows he hurt me, so why bother to text me when I wanted him out of my life? And now he kind of raised my hopes again, which just leaves me feeling hopeless and left with not knowing what to do about it.. Should I ask what the deal is or how he is doing, or just leave it without asking..
He didn't want a relationship, but initiated contact after 4 months?
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