Ghosted after he saw my Facebook profile?

A few days ago I created an account on Hinge and pretty much rejected every single guy except for this one. I was planning on deleting the app cause I really hate dating apps and only tend to keep them for like max 3 days lol. I didn’t want to delete it though cause this guy seemed promising. Anyways, after he messaged me, he quickly wanted to set up a date and I told him I wouldn’t be in town till another month, so he said he’d like to move the conversation to somewhere else till then. He told me he’d add me on Facebook which he did. I told him I’ll be deleting the app so I’d message him on Facebook. I messaged him and he never replied, then I noticed that he had unfriended me…I’m really confused and am feeling really rejected…I look exactly the same on Facebook as I did on the app, like literally used some of the same pictures and whatnot, nothing is edited or anything…I guess he just probably didn’t think we’d get along based on what I post lol. I ended up unsending the 2 messages I sent on Facebook and blocking him cause I feel like I complete idiot knowing I gave out my full name to a stranger who rejected me based of my Facebook profile.
Ghosted after he saw my Facebook profile?
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