WHat do I do about my bestfriend?

So im 15 and gay my bestfriend is a girl, she blocked every boy on her phone on all social media, She told me her boyfriend does not "allow" her to talk to any other boy online or in person, SHe also told me he cheated on her but she is still with him, WTF!!! she is a freshmen and he is like a sophomore, SHe told me he literally took her phone and erased every boy from her phone and blocked everyone that he did not want her talking to including me because i was a boy, She was literally crying, What do i do? the same guy is a really popular football player, I want to hit him so badly but he would murder me, And his football buddies would jump me too. SHe told me she can't do anything if he does not approve of it. he's NOT EVEN GOOD LOOKING!, he's a fat 5ft 7 black dude, I dont see why she dont leave him but she won't!
WHat do I do about my bestfriend?
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