Guy runs away from me after seeing me?

This guy is in the same class as me but he hardly talk to each other. We followed each other in instagram and we have messaged a total of 2 times which were basic questions like asking what was the homework. Like other people, all of us follow people who we kinda know from the same school or work right?
But today as I was heading to class, I saw him walking from the other direction. As soon as he saw me, he immediately turned his head and walked really fast. It seemed like he was running away from me. I don’t like him and never gave signals I liked him so I found his behavior to be weird. Some say he has a crush on me but he barely talk and only see each others stories in ig. I am also sure i did nothing for him to hate me. I’m pretty reserved and not a loud person. Does anyone have a similar experience and can give some reasons?
Guy runs away from me after seeing me?
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