Why does he run away from me?

Ha that's a weird question.

ANYWAYS, a year ago I was talking to this guy whom I met through my best friend and her boyfriend (he was actually the boyfriend's best friend). We automatically hit it off when we met. We saw each other over the summer whenever the four of us would hang out. One night we ended up fooling around a bit, and that's when I realized that he really liked me. Around the time school started we didn't see each other anymore and I got a boyfriend. Then one day we ended up seeing each other at the park and I felt sparks once again. I dumped my boyfriend and starting see this guy again. Everything was going great for a couple months. My best friends boyfriend told me that the guy really liked me and he wanted to be with me, though we never actually decided to be an item because I wanted to wait a while since we didn't see each other that often, he felt the same way. Then probably a week or two after I saw him last, I find out he is talking to this girl at my school, who I just so happen to dislike. They end up getting together. I'm pretty much p*ssed and confused at that point because I'm wondering why he would leave me, someone who is his age and who he claimed to REALLY have feelings for, for someone who is 3 years younger then him with a rep. for being a little whore. I understand that he wanted to get laid, and the younger the easier right? But I still didn't get why he would do that to me. He came to pick her up everyday from school, so avoiding him was out of the question. We did not speak and did not make eye contact. A few months later I end up at his house to pick my friend up, I stayed and chatted with everyone else for a few minutes, but every time we were in the same room he would run away. I would go outside to have a smoke, he would put his out and run back inside. It even got to the point where EVERYONE was telling him to come back outside and he stood in the doorway refusing to step one foot outside. He didn't talk to me, avoided eye contact. Its like I wasn't even there.

Sorry for the long sob story, but what I really want to know is why he is acting this way?

Is it because of guilt? or perhaps something else?
Why does he run away from me?
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