Why does he text if he won't carry the conversation?

I texted my ex because I learned to finally forgive him. So I made it light-hearted and made my intentions clear. Also, I told him that I wasn't going to do a half-assed friendship and that if he couldn't hold a conversation with me then I would give up.

Since that day I have never texted him first. He seems to make a habit of texting me once a week on Thursdays since he has the day off. But he's always dropping the ball. His contributions pretty much consist of "haha okay" "cool" "alright then" and things of that sort. Most of the time it only lasts like 6 texts back and forth before he gives out. I usually try to move the conversation until he's done it the third time then I don't reply back. I called him out on it last night and he only said "what does one even say to that? (what I texted him last)" and I made a whole list of things he could've done and said that I stopped responding after he killed the conversation a third time. He just said "fair enough" and that he was going to bed.

I don't understand what he's trying to do. What's the point of texting me if he's not going to carry the conversation and then won't acknowledge that he's doing it? I just think it's especially strange since he's that guy that runs away from his problems (like literally, he runs away to school in Iowa and refers to his friends there as his real ones even though those here were the ones he's grown up with).



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  • I think maybe he doesn't want the carry on the converations because he doesn't want to seem clingy and seem like he is interested. Maybe he texts you just to see if you will respond back or not.I think that is good that your texting your ex and that learned how to forgive him. But like you said if he runs away form his problems then he is the type that won't respond to certain texts just based of that. He can't keep running away from his probloems forever. Eventually his problems will catch up to him.

    • Odd, my friend actually said the exact same thing.

    • Yeah that is odd that your friend said the exact same thing as me. Lol sometimes two minds think alike. I hope anything I said helped.

  • He's not interested in reconnecting with you. I tried to reconnect with a girl that cheated on me (my last serious relationship, years ago) this summer and was straightforward with her about what I wanted. She effectively told me it was my fault she didn't want to have anything to do with me because of the way I reacted to her cheating on me and that is was stupid to want healing.

    Let it go. I did and I am positive nothing better would have happened if I had continued pursuing it.


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