I ghosted him was I wrong?

So i was seeing this guy i met at work. We worked same building on different floors different companies. He seemed real cool at first kinda nerdy. I told him I had just went through a bad break up and really just wanted to take things slow. I expressed to him multiple times I wasn't looking to be physical I wanted connection. He said he understood but, kept hinting off about taking things further. He went out of his way to plan a hiking date that was ok until he kept trying to feel up on me. Then there was the time i went to visit him at his office for lunch and he once again hinted off about getting physical and letting him keep my panties if he beat me at uno. I tried to ignore it because he was fun to be around, but at the same time it just felt off, he just kept insisting i needed my needs met and to be taken care of. The last straw for me was when i went to visit him for lunch and he told me to lay on my back i did thinking he was just going to show me a stretch like before. But no he tried to pull my pants down and said he was going to please me orally. I jumped up and was like no im good. 5mins later his business partner walks in. I was so happy I didn't let him I would have been mortified. After that I texted him for a then went ghost. He bought lunch a few times plus the date so I felt bad. But at the same time I feel I warned him enough. Was I wrong? Is he a creep or am I over thinking
I ghosted him was I wrong?
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