What does it mean when he does this?

So there’s this guy I met a long time ago on a dating site my friend made for me. He lives in the UK and I live in the USA. We dated for a couple of months before he ended it due to his mental health. We have been talking on and off ever since then, and he claimed he’s changed for the better like he’s gotten the help he needed and understands that his behavior before towards me was bad.

so last week, he mentioned that he would like to restart a relationship with me because he realized that in every relationship he’s been in all he could think about was me (I don't know how true that is). I was obviously flattered at the time and entertained the idea some just because I thought it was genuine. However, the next day he ended it saying that he was getting ahead of himself and basically canceled everything he said before stating that his mental health is not doing as good as he thought right now. He said he’d be off of social media as well for a couple of weeks to get his mental state together but now I see him posting stories online only after a week of last talking to him so he lied about that. I’m not sure how to feel about it besides betrayed for the lack of better words or disposable. What do you think?
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What does it mean when he does this?
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