He's after another girl?

I met a guy and we are kind of seeing each other, mainly for sexual purposes. We meet at bars, pubs and go out on dates. But he never talks of long term plans nor says we are exclusive. I also found out that he has ahistory of doing this. That he meets girls, starts seeing them and has sex with them and then either ghosts them or stops replying to messages or calls.

This guy is a student so at his university, he knows a girl with whom he's been on dates. However, he hasn't been able to have sex with her and he understood that she's not the kind of girl who will easily have sex with him. She also does not message him after he ghosted her so he grew incredibly resentful and bitter towards her. Which he was expecting her to chase him but she never does. He never deleted her number and kept it saved.

Turns out, he changed his game when he saw that she was caring towards him like texted him when he was sick or had a cold. But because she didn't ask him out, he got resentful towards her and when she did text him, he didn't reply to her.

Now he's seeing me but he's still playing the nice guy game with her. I went to see him but I noticed that the girl was standing there and he looked at her. He was also checking her out and our common friend said he constantly checks out her legs/feet.

I dont get it. If he's so resentful and he won't ask her out, why is he still after her and won't delete and forget her and move on? He isn't getting sex from her and he knows that too. So why?
He's after another girl?
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