Are things over between us?


I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month, he seemed interested all along and we’d see each other every weekend, sometimes he’d come over to say hi after work and chill for a bit in the week but we both have established that we’re not looking for a relationship. This past weekend I asked to see him but he didn’t respond so I deleted my message to him.

He asked what I deleted and that sparked a conversation about our expectations and he basically said he doesn’t expect to see me religiously every weekend, because sometimes he’s rather hang out with friends but that doesn’t mean I’m not important to him. He also said he doesn’t want to go out with me all the time because he doesn’t want a relationship or for people to think that we’re in one.

I understood and basically asked him if he just wants to hook up and see me when he wants, he never responded, but responded to a story I posted of food a day later saying “where”, I told him where and the convo ended there. He usually likes my IG stories when I post them, but he hasn’t liked them since, but watches all of them rather quickly and I’m still in his close friends.

i messaged him today saying i hope he’s not put off by the convo we had and that I was just trying to understand our situation, he responded saying “no b”. And that was it.

is he over it or does he just need some space?

Are things over between us?
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