How do I let a guy know that I am interested in him after ignoring him when I got nervous?

So today in class I was sitting with a couple of friends when my crush entered the lecture hall with his friend (who is female by the way and I am honestly not quite sure if she is interested in him) he then sat behind me and my friends, but we didn’t get the chance to say ‘hi’ before the lecture started. I was so nervous bc he was sitting right behind me, I already felt like I should have turned around and said 'hi' when he sat down but I was just soooo nervous.

Then when class was over I just got up and left without saying anything to him and in the corner of my eye I could kind of sense that he was looking at me when I stood up (but I don't know at this point I might be imagining things). I felt so bad afterwards bc I really didn’t mean to ignore him but I was just so nervous and I felt awkward talking to him bc I thought I had missed the timing and that maybe his friend likes him / wants to date him so she might get annoyed when I talk to him.

The thing is that my crush and me have one class where we always sit together and talk until the lecture starts and at the end too. So it feels kind of awkward not to say hello at least because we are kind of in the 'talking' stage at this point.

Long story short: I feel like I messed up and worry that he now thinks that I am rude / not interested in him. We have class again next Monday and I’m not sure if I should say something then aka apologize even for not saying ‘hi’ or would that be even weirder?

How can I let him know that unlike what might have come across today, I am very interested in getting to know him? I honestly feel so bad and I also don't want him to think that I am playing some stupid games with him or anything...

The next time I see him should I say something about what happened today or just pretend it didn't happen? I am honestly even kind of worried that he might be so turned off that he will ignore me from now on… am I just catastrophizing?

How do I let a guy know that I am interested in him after ignoring him when I got nervous?
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