Why did his attitude towards me suddenly change?

There is a guy in my group of friends who when we met was very nice to me and we talked a lot. After several months of knowing each other, one night we kissed. That same day he warned me that he is not ready for something serious because as soon as he finishes his degree he will go to work in another city and would not risk having a long-distance relationship. I understand that perfectly, because I wouldn't be willing to have a long-distance relationship either. I mean, I have assimilated that we are never going to have anything serious, but in having a friendship with him, I don't have any problem.

after that, everything seemed to continue going normal, we continued to talk a lot on Instagram as good friends.

A short time later, I begin to notice that his attitude towards me is distant, as if he wanted to avoid talking much with me, we were in a group with our friends and he hardly spoke to me, I had to be the one who came up to bring up a topic of conversation.

That's how weird he was during the summer months. Well, one night we got together again to party, and when we were alone inside the disco, he grabbed me and kissed me, we kissed for a long time and he said: "I wanted to kiss you."

After the last time we kissed, we have coincided a couple more times and once again I have noticed a distant attitude towards me. I notice that he is incapable of acting like a normal friend with me, he doesn't speak to me unless I speak to him first, come on, if I didn't ever come up to him and say anything to him, we wouldn't talk all night, because he I would not do it. His attitude annoys me a lot, the only thing I would like is for him to act with me as with a normal friend and that's it, because I clearly see that the way he behaves with other friends is different from the way he behaves with me. She is with me as if she were a simple acquaintance, and that hurts me.

Why did his attitude towards me suddenly change?
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