Gender Value? Are men more important than women?


So I was scrolling through my feed as usual and I came across an interesting video song which showed a gold digger woman. And I started reading the comments. So there was this man who was arguing with a woman about objectification, equality and all. So what I gathered is that men made this world and women are just in it. Women don't contribute and he asked the woman to name any 10 inventions made by women. Women are cheaters and sell their body. And lastly there's some scientific technology which created a baby cow without a female cow so women are going to be replaced soon. As per the woman she said men cheat more, women are shamed when they don't do anything ladylike, for not being attractive enough and women face harassments, catcalls, etc by men. (PO:men face that too, no doubt. I wish they would feel safe enough to share). Also, being a housewife is a contribution in itself. The man replied that even men contribute to households but only men changed the world.

(by the way I think men sell their bods too... gym pics? Also, this whole argument made me think... Do men really think that low of us? All of us?)

Before we begin with the discussion, I would request all of you to be kind and polite. No heated arguments please. Let's all discuss this peacefully. I am choosing to ask this anonymously because I don't want to get attacked.

Gender Value? Are men more important than women?
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